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Little (Garbage) Fires Everywhere

I love email and letter correspondences because they are whimsical, genuine, and impossible. You both try to share as much as you can but you just can’t capture the truest moments, the fleeting feelings that disappear as quickly as they happened. They’re beautiful but lackluster, like pressed flowers. I keep up a few correspondences here…… Continue reading Little (Garbage) Fires Everywhere

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For Such A Time As This

Over a year ago, I left Romania shaky and weepy. My three-ish month stint serving at a survivor shelter for vulnerable women and children was watershed, seismic, and numinous. My eyes had been opened to a deep running river of Christ’s love, weaving in and around heartbreak, abuse, trauma, and exploitation, ending in assured restoration,…… Continue reading For Such A Time As This

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The Aimless Brunette Wandering Gypsy Nomad: Travel Guide

Hey, everyone! It’s me! The most basic wanna-be travel blogger that appears on your timeline every two days! That person that you tell everyone is your “travel blogger friend” and then hesitate before adding “okay, well maybe she’s not like a friend friend” and finally conceding “fine, I hate-follow her as she pretends to be…… Continue reading The Aimless Brunette Wandering Gypsy Nomad: Travel Guide

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Magpie Reviews: ArtFair Philippines 2018

In my continuing brazen campaign to be sponsored by the Filipino Tourism Board (#itsmorefuninthephilippines) to get to attend free events in exchange for blog articles best described as “…cute”, I’ve been trying to explore my city more. I recently went to ArtFair Philippines, an annual contemporary art exhibition of predominantly Filipino talent, held in Makati. Makati…… Continue reading Magpie Reviews: ArtFair Philippines 2018

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Calligraphy and Arrows

The Saturday before last, I was begrudgingly convicted that I should go to my church’s fundraiser for their big location move (from a bar to a mall, which could launch a fascinating conversation about urban spaces and the space we’re called to occupy as Christians, but we’ll save that rumination for a rainy day). A…… Continue reading Calligraphy and Arrows

The Magpie Reviews

Magpie Reviews: Netflix’s Queer Eye

Growing up with an interior designer mother, I watched a lot of TLC. We’re talking What Not To Wear, Trading Spaces, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. If the show had a whiff of Ty Burrell’s hair gel, we tuned in. Even my v basic brothers have a rudimentary appreciation for crown molding and know to check…… Continue reading Magpie Reviews: Netflix’s Queer Eye

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Lady Leaders To Give You Life

Every time I write a beautiful piece of scathing satire about our current political climate, something unbelievable always breaks, rendering my snark outdated. Be it #TimesUp or “sh*thole” remarks, I’m just not fast enough to keep up so I thought I’d change tones and write about something life-giving. So here is a list of Lady Leaders,…… Continue reading Lady Leaders To Give You Life