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Calligraphy and Arrows

The Saturday before last, I was begrudgingly convicted that I should go to my church’s fundraiser for their big location move (from a bar to a mall, which could launch a fascinating conversation about urban spaces and the space we’re called to occupy as Christians, but we’ll save that rumination for a rainy day). A…… Continue reading Calligraphy and Arrows

The Magpie Reviews

Magpie Reviews: Netflix’s Queer Eye

Growing up with an interior designer mother, I watched a lot of TLC. We’re talking What Not To Wear, Trading Spaces, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. If the show had a whiff of Ty Burrell’s hair gel, we tuned in. Even my v basic brothers have a rudimentary appreciation for crown molding and know to check…… Continue reading Magpie Reviews: Netflix’s Queer Eye

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Lady Leaders To Give You Life

Every time I write a beautiful piece of scathing satire about our current political climate, something unbelievable always breaks, rendering my snark outdated. Be it #TimesUp or “sh*thole” remarks, I’m just not fast enough to keep up so I thought I’d change tones and write about something life-giving. So here is a list of Lady Leaders,…… Continue reading Lady Leaders To Give You Life

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Reverse Culture Shock: Thoughts of an Expat

So you wanna know what reverse culture shock is like when returning home for the holidays after living in the Philippines for half a year? No? Sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of my denial that not everyone wants to entertain a day-by-day play of my last six months. You will land at…… Continue reading Reverse Culture Shock: Thoughts of an Expat

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Joy, Unspeakable Joy

You know that feeling when you try to wake up from a self-induced NyQuil coma and you’re kinda awake and moving, but also like, are you even? Living in Southeast Asia for nearly six months now has been like experiencing that transcendent, hazy dream-like state constantly interspersed with acute moments of the deepest, sharpest realities…… Continue reading Joy, Unspeakable Joy

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The Hallmark Channel Original Christmas Movie Original Drinking Game

It’s the most wonderful time of year again when it’s acceptable to admit that you watch Hallmark holiday movies followed by several obligatory qualifiers like “it’s only because they’re so bad” or “only during Christmas” or “only because I think it’s sad that Gretchen Weiners never got famous”. So grab a mug of eggnog (just…… Continue reading The Hallmark Channel Original Christmas Movie Original Drinking Game