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Eyelash Extensions and Existential Crises

Every expat ((I’m talking at least half a year, buddy!)) has a reentry moment, after they leave the place they learned to call home and return to their “home” country, where they absolutely lose their sh*t. I thought mine would be the shock of returning not to my Stepford-ish suburban hometown but instead to 45…… Continue reading Eyelash Extensions and Existential Crises

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A Mamma Mia 2 Song For Every Season

My office “despedida” (Filipino goodbye party that is a category of its own but bordering children’s birthday party) was themed “Maggie Mia: Here She Goes Again” because, of course. It was extremely on-brand and I felt extremely loved. So in honor of that amazing party, here’s an inspired blog post. I strongly believe that the…… Continue reading A Mamma Mia 2 Song For Every Season

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Cults I’d Definitely Join

Everyone has a hobby. Maybe yours is cycling or bingeing Suits purely for Meghan Markle or knitting (is that even a thing anymore after the mid-2000s boom?). Mine is researching cults. From Buddhafield to Jonestown, The Prophet Jeff Warrens to my all-time personal favorite, Scientology, I am a little bit obsessed. I think it boils down…… Continue reading Cults I’d Definitely Join

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Magpie Reviews: K-Pop???

When I started Magpie, I dreamed of creating a safe haven on the internet. A place where realizations can be expressed, innermost truths brought to light, and vulnerability cherished. A place where authenticity was unapologetic and near holy. A harbor of genuine honesty. That’s why I feel safe enough to admit my deepest, most shameful…… Continue reading Magpie Reviews: K-Pop???

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How I Almost Lost My Mind Because of A Door (Or Really, A Lack of A Door)

I’ve decided to tell you a highly bizarre, emotional saga, with twists and turns and romance (hahaha I’m just joking with the romance) that may seem unbelievable. I only ask that you read it on your commute or at a café and if you laugh out loud, you immediately tell everyone around you where you…… Continue reading How I Almost Lost My Mind Because of A Door (Or Really, A Lack of A Door)

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The Aimless Brunette Wandering Gypsy Nomad: Travel Guide

Hey, everyone! It’s me! The most basic wanna-be travel blogger that appears on your timeline every two days! That person that you tell everyone is your “travel blogger friend” and then hesitate before adding “okay, well maybe she’s not like a friend friend” and finally conceding “fine, I hate-follow her as she pretends to be…… Continue reading The Aimless Brunette Wandering Gypsy Nomad: Travel Guide

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Lady Leaders To Give You Life

Every time I write a beautiful piece of scathing satire about our current political climate, something unbelievable always breaks, rendering my snark outdated. Be it #TimesUp or “sh*thole” remarks, I’m just not fast enough to keep up so I thought I’d change tones and write about something life-giving. So here is a list of Lady Leaders,…… Continue reading Lady Leaders To Give You Life