In honor of graduating in fifteen days, here are fifteen reactions.

When I realize that I’m graduating in two weeks


Yet I’ve only been at this school for two years

I feel majestic and triumphant walking around campus


Feeling too young around the other graduates…

Yet too old around those my age


Realizing that this was what I’ve been working for since my first day of kindergarten

Crossing off my college bucket list with really dumb stuff

tumblr_n1zfskutcy1qjoke8o6_250 tumblr_n1zfskutcy1qjoke8o8_250 tumblr_lub5xm1tnx1qblc8xo4_250

I’ve jumped into Gull Pond in November with my apartment-mates, stolen random objects around campus, went to Mike’s Pastries, signed the Gordon scrolls, and still need to buy a Gulu-Gulu mug and see Louisa May Alcott’s house.

I get hyper excited about the smallest things


(True story: Becca and Anne-Milda surprised me with hot chocolate and I almost cried both times)

Thinking about the rest of my work I have to do…

Realizing that I still have finals despite being desperately ready for Christmas…

…but I feel superior to those trivial things. 2KOOL4SKOOL

Trying to figure out how my GPA will be affected if I just go home now

Whenever I hang out with squad 


I know that there’s a whole scary year in front of me…

…But I’m really just celebrating the spectacular now

Until next time,



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