Here it comes, friends. The big times. The finals. The last-ditch attempt to pull up that C. When sleep becomes a reward. The caffeine-fueled pity party of sadness. You’re living in a microcosm of stress and holiday cheer. You deserve a break. You deserve understanding GIFS. You deserve this post.

Enjoy, mes amis.


1. Rolling out of bed for that early morning attendance-based class

2. “Maggie, it’s time for you to be an adult and make your own doctor appointments.”

3. I wonder if I have enough for this pasta that’s 40 cents more…

4. Going to the mailroom and nothing is there…again…

5. “Why do you look so grumpy?”

6. “Hey, do you want to come to this…” Lemme stop you there…

7. Overhearing “this college talks about feminism too much”

8. If I leave any clothes on the floor, I start to worry that I’m a horrible roommate. But then I remember

9. The horrifying question that comes up at least once a day for apartment-dwellers

10. The inevitable dramatic introvert hermit time

11. You’re pretty sure you’d actually go to the gym more if you were allowed to do this without any judgement

12. Weekend dinners that end at 6:30. Half past six. Complete travesty.

13. Getting desperate to stretch out an essay just a page longer

13. When finals roll around…

14. Any event that says “Refreshments will be served”

13. Everyone telling you that you’ll use your degree

…But then you remember

And in conclusion…”Maggie, wow I love your blog and the GIF things! Keep doing what you’re doing!”


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  1. You are crazy and I love you and I’m praying your finals are a breeze and I can’t wait to see you! (Don’t judge me for using a run-on sentence.)

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