Alternative Title: Adventures in Training

So I’m in Pennsylvania for training which consists of learning what the heck ESL is and collaborating with my fellow interns. As only four more days rest before the fateful flight into Haiti and ride on the “tap tap” into Chambrun (more on that later), I’m experiencing emotions that can only be described through my favorite medium: the gif.


Realizing that I had accidentally brought my brother’s passport (that was an embarrassing call home):

Oh yeah, my official title is “Director of Activities”:

Thinking up games and crafts and getting really excited:

Realizing that I actually have stuff to contribute:

Pretty proud of this team and how much work everybody got done:

Feeling ready for Haiti!

Not a gif but bonus reaction for how excited I am to meet the kiddos!



  1. You are incredible and hilarious. I’m so happy to see you realizing you have something to contribute! Also, thank you for helping me appreciate the wonderful and seemingly limitless medium that is ‘the gif.’ You’re going to do great!!

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