As I’m reading “Mere Christianity” for a class, I came across a quote that I’m sure CS Lewis would say in response to the whole Miley Cyrus/sexual sensationalist obsession that is gripping our nation.

“When, as often happens, they break it (morality) defiantly in order to shock or embarrass others, they are not necessarily being unchaste, but they are being uncharitable: for it is uncharitable to take pleasure in making other people uncomfortable.” (pg. 95)


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  1. Maggie dear: 1) right on re: CS Lewis and Ms. Cyrus; 2) amen re: New England introversion; 3) how did you get my iTunes account? Bright Eyes! Iron and Wine! Shins! Radical Face! If your old uncle can make a recommendation, check out Olafur Arnalds, “For Now I am Winter.” Iceland doesn’t just have Sigur Ros and Bjork.

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