A common question I’ve been asked while here has been “are you homesick?” It’s now gotten a new variant “are you even more homesick now because of the holidays?”. All I can say to that is “OF COURSE”. Really, it’s only natural! 

     France has already moved onto Christmas. The lights are already strung, gifts are being bought, and stores are playing warm, fuzzy Christmas music that completely manipulates you into buying something. We’ve completely skipped November but my American group will be celebrating Thanksgiving (or rather, Zanksgeeveeng, as everyone’s been pronouncing it) with a big pitch-in dinner. We’ll have sweet potatoes, ham, hot cider, stuffing, etc. It’ll be really lovely and I’m quite excited we’re having it.

    With that being said, my kingdom to watch the Macy’s Day Parade, to wander around the house while my mom cooks delicious food and my brothers get really into the football game, just to sit in my own living room. 

   As the holidays approach, I guess what I miss the absolute most is that warm, happy, safe feeling of my surrounded by my family in my own home (this also goes hand-in-hand with the fact that the French don’t have a word for home, therefore missing this huge conceptual idea that we base our lives around).

    At this point of time, I’m using my last month here wisely to experience all that I can and explore the city but I’m also very excited to come home right in time for Christmas. It’s a safe 50/50 right now. 


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