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How I Found a Family 8,345 Miles Away From Home

It’s midnight on my 23rd birthday. I’m standing exactly 8,345 miles away from home in a Filipino town outside Manila and ugly-crying over a chocolate bundt cake as friends sing “happy birthday”. It’s one of those weird moments that while it’s happening, I’m hyper-aware, knowing I’ll remember it vividly for years to come, because it’s…… Continue reading How I Found a Family 8,345 Miles Away From Home

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Eyelash Extensions and Existential Crises

Every expat ((I’m talking at least half a year, buddy!)) has a reentry moment, after they leave the place they learned to call home and return to their “home” country, where they absolutely lose their sh*t. I thought mine would be the shock of returning not to my Stepford-ish suburban hometown but instead to 45…… Continue reading Eyelash Extensions and Existential Crises

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The Great Takeaway

As I prepared to leave the Philippines and my 15 months’ service with International Justice Mission fighting against cybersex trafficking of children, I started to regularly have this question asked to me. The first couple of times I heard it, I just kinda made this creepy Tina Belcher moaning noise until the person asking would…… Continue reading The Great Takeaway

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A Mamma Mia 2 Song For Every Season

My office “despedida” (Filipino goodbye party that is a category of its own but bordering children’s birthday party) was themed “Maggie Mia: Here She Goes Again” because, of course. It was extremely on-brand and I felt extremely loved. So in honor of that amazing party, here’s an inspired blog post. I strongly believe that the…… Continue reading A Mamma Mia 2 Song For Every Season

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Cults I’d Definitely Join

Everyone has a hobby. Maybe yours is cycling or bingeing Suits purely for Meghan Markle or knitting (is that even a thing anymore after the mid-2000s boom?). Mine is researching cults. From Buddhafield to Jonestown, The Prophet Jeff Warrens to my all-time personal favorite, Scientology, I am a little bit obsessed. I think it boils down…… Continue reading Cults I’d Definitely Join

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Magpie Reviews: K-Pop???

When I started Magpie, I dreamed of creating a safe haven on the internet. A place where realizations can be expressed, innermost truths brought to light, and vulnerability cherished. A place where authenticity was unapologetic and near holy. A harbor of genuine honesty. That’s why I feel safe enough to admit my deepest, most shameful…… Continue reading Magpie Reviews: K-Pop???

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How I Almost Lost My Mind Because of A Door (Or Really, A Lack of A Door)

I’ve decided to tell you a highly bizarre, emotional saga, with twists and turns and romance (hahaha I’m just joking with the romance) that may seem unbelievable. I only ask that you read it on your commute or at a café and if you laugh out loud, you immediately tell everyone around you where you…… Continue reading How I Almost Lost My Mind Because of A Door (Or Really, A Lack of A Door)